Diana and Isoly Comparison

DNA tests haven't been performed, but it could very well be that the AGFA Isoly is the camera from which the Diana was copied.  You may notice that some pictures from the Diana and Isoly galleries appear to be the same.  At web page resolution, it is hard to tell the difference.  Shown below is a sample from both cameras blown up for a better evaluation.  The image from the Isoly is on the left. The Isoly seems to have a faster lens with a little better contrast and a generally sharper image, but this may be due to it having numerous distance markings on it ,which greatly simplify focusing.  The Diana's 3 zone ball park markings may cause more blurriness than the lens itself does.  Considering the price for true Diana's these days, you may want to consider getting an Isoly instead, especially if it comes with a case to protect it when traveling.  Another plus for the Isoly is that it has double exposure protection and a tripod mount attachment, which helps when using the bulb setting for night photography.  But don't get me wrong.  I love my Diana.  I'm not trading it for anything.  It's just good to have an Isoly around when you are in a harsh bumpy environment, conducive to crushing plastic.

Diana Gallery

Isoly Gallery